About Me

I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During my teenagehood, I got interested in martial arts, and particularily in Malay Silat. My Silat trainer gave me an introduction to traditional malay massage, and I loved it. I started to massage other students after sports performances. 


After studying Fine Arts and performing as a professional painter and a drawing teaching assistant at University, I did a few years of graphic design jobs, just to realize that it was not the kind of life I deeply wanted. 


So I left the city and went to live in the nature. Nature in Malaysia, you have to picture : rainforest, rivers, wild monkeys, snakes and wooden houses. I lived a simple life in a village called Janda Baik, for a few years, and I learned a lot from the old men there. 


In Malaysia, massage is really part of the culture. Every village has at least a traditional massage specialist. I was young, but somehow, I became one of them, and I gave massages to the community I was living with. This experience gave me confidence and helped me improve and personalize my approach. 


In this same village, I met my wife in 2013. She was a Belgian hypnotherapist and a teacher.  And after years of come and go, I finally ended up in Belgium, in december 2016, and I started to learn French. 


With my wife, Elodie Mopty, we were sharing the healing room in our house in Brussels. Now we move to a simple chalet in the nature in the countryside, and we are building our wellness room for next year.

She is taking care of the mind, and I am taking care of the body, but eventually, both are one.